Monday, March 7, 2011

Works By Jimmy Santiago Baca

Baca, Jimmy Santiago Bi-lingual 2007
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Spring Poems Along the Rio Grande. New Directions, NY, NY, 2007
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Winter Poems Along the Rio Grande. New Directions, NY, NY, 2004
Baca, Jimmy Santiago C-Train & 13 Mexicans. Grove/Atlantic, NY, NY, 2002.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Healing Earthquakes. Grove/Atlantic, NY, NY, 2001.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Set This Book On Fire! Cedar Hill Publications, Mena, AR, 1999.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Working in the Dark: Reflections on a Poet in the Barrio. Red Crane Press, Santa Fe, NM, 1992.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Immigrants in Our Own Land. New Directions, NY, NY, 1991.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Black Mesa Poems. New Directions, NY, NY, 1989.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Martin & Meditations on the South Valley. New Directions, NY, NY, 1987.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago Poems Taken from my Yard. Timberline Press, Fulton, MO, 1986.
Baca, Jimmy Santiago What's Happening Curbstone, Willimantic, Conn, 1982.


Baca, Jimmy Santiago The Importance of a Piece of Paper. Grove/Atlantic, NY, NY, 2004 (short stories)
Baca, Jimmy Santiago A Place To Stand.  New York: Grove Press, 2001. (Memoir)
Baca, Jimmy Santiago untitled Grove/Atlantic (forthcoming novel) - 2007

Film/Scripts Bound by Honor (as video- Blood In, Blood Out), Disney Productions, Hollywood Pictures, 1992. 


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